For more than 60 years, we have been sourcing the finest herbs and spices from across the globe. We grind and blend our spices in small, weekly batches to ensure premium quality and the utmost freshness.

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Shop our spice families to find the perfect spice for tonight's dinner. Or, explore and discover a world's bounty of flavors from fragrant herbs to fiery chiles, exotic peppercorns, and fresh spice blends.

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Explore the world through the vibrant and fragrant lens of spices. Whether you're looking to recreate an unforgettable tagine from Marrakesh or venture to Chengdu or Chiangmai over dinner, The Spice House has freshest spices, all expertly sourced from across the world to satisfy any culinary adventurer.

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Fresh and flavorful spices help build the foundations for delicious cooking. A smoky paprika, fragrant cinnamon, or zesty lime peel can add flavor depth to any creation. Explore our spice specialties to find the perfect, freshly-made spice for your kitchen.